Box profile sheets, also known as metal roof profiles, trapezoidal roof sheets, corrugated, or simple metal roof sheets, have been used in the construction industry for years. They have many benefits, including long-life (50 years and beyond), appealing styles, interlocking panels and high building performance.

Most of these metal roof profile sheets are made from steel or aluminium. They need little maintenance because aluminium has corrosion resistance Properties.

In contrast, the steel roof sheets have a tough, corrosion-resistant galvanised coating covered with a protective coating like polyester, PVDF or plastisol that provides additional long-term protection.


They can be used for other projects like creating canopy roofs, covered walkways, residential garages, staircase entrances, vehicle storage units and passenger terminus shelters on transport networks. They can also be used for residential and retail projects where the roof is behind a parapet wall. They are primarily chosen because of their low maintenance, quick installation and competitive price.

Metal roof profiles are lightweight and extremely strong. This makes them easy to handle and to install. Unlike some heavier roofing systems, a metal roof profile can significantly save high embodied foundation materials.

Box profile sheets are cost-effective and easy to install. They are the popular choice for both contractors and developers. They do not need expensive and time-consuming support structures because they are lightweight, and you can use them for a single sheet ( single skin) installation or as an external skin to a built-up roof system.


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