Leaky Roof? Cracked or Broken Roof Tiles?

Have you noticed stains on your ceiling or wet mark on your floor? If yes, this is a serious problem that requires urgent attention because as little as it may appear, if you don’t give it urgent attention, it can cause a big problem. Most times, it is difficult to discover the source of this type of problem on your roof.

This is why hiring experts with years of experience will carefully check to discover the root cause and offer possible solutions. For us at Cardiff roofers, our experienced teams at emergency roof repair  can help with any leakage.

We know that leaks are usually restricted to a small section and often happen due to the following:

  • Broken or cracked roof tiles
  • Displaced roof tiles
  • Broken or cracked bedding related with the hip or ridge capping
  • Displaced or damaged flashings
  • Blocked downpipes or gutters


Cracked or broken roof tiles

The welsh weather, which is often rainy with strong wind, can destroy your roof tiles and cause leakage through the roof.  When this occurs, it can result in very costly damage. To help you and your family stay safe, our team of professionals will provide specialist roof repair for those in Cardiff and surrounding areas.

We can repair any issue with your roofs, such as broken tiles, cracked cement, gable and mortar repairs, valley iron repairs and, clear your gutters. You can also contact us if you are experiencing a leaking roof.

Our excellent services for emergency roof repair in Cardiff are well known, and we are always available ( 7 days a week) for an on-site inspection, and our free quotations come with no obligation.

You can speak to us about your roof repairs by emailing us via the Contact form or calling us on 07779 643424


If have a leaky roof, cracked or broken tiles, call us at any time of the day, on any day of the week for your Roofing needs!

Roof Replacement Services

We have 30+ years of experience in the roofing industry, serving both residential and commercial clients

Fascia, Soffits and Gutter Replacement

Cardiff Roofers can repair, supply and install your gutters. We also cater for full fascia, soffits and gutter replacement, Contact us for an obligation free quote today.

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